Sunday, June 8, 2008

Robert Madzej - Importance of Education

When I was child my parents consistently ingrained in my mind the importance of an education. My parents would say " Rob look, do you see that man brooming the sidewalk", I would say yes, "Do you want to be sweeping sidewalks as a job for the rest of your life?". I would reply no, "then get an education, get good grades and you will get a good job". My parents grew up in the industrial age and to them a good job and good benefits equalled job security, but as for investing for their future, growing their wealth was never a priority let alone something they knew how to do.
My family values education, they feel that without an education there could be no level of success. They are right, but what they didn’t realize as so many other people today don't realize was that success in the long run could only truly be achieved through financial education. No matter what profession you are in, everyone needs to focus on building value through various financial vehicles in order to reach financial independence. However, our education system does not teach students the financial foundation required to be truly financially independent and in general, society has programmed the public not to properly invest for their future.
That is why 90% of the wealth is controlled only by 10% of the people, and 90% of the people struggle to earn 10% of the wealth. With such an extreme rule of thumb, there is no doubt that proper financial education is required, but also mental preparation is needed to break free from conforming to society’s way of thinking.
I graduated with a business degree and I focused on getting a good job, but I was never educated to focus on my own financial position. I learned through financial books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad and through networking with like minded people that I needed to build my foundation of financial knowledge. I also realized in order to be successful I also had to change my thinking pattern, by preparing mentally for success. Through, improving my thinking pattern and increasing my financial education, achieving the goal of being apart of the 10% can be possible. Educating the mind never stops and financial education needs to be a priority for all in order to achieve financial well being.

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Robert Madzej

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