Monday, July 21, 2008

Robert Madzej- The Phone Call

Have you ever called some random phone number to ask an arbitrary question? Well, I did but I did not do it willingly, let a lone knowingly. I was at Earl’s offices and he was teaching me how to engage peoples’ interests and how to serve those needs. I was in the process of absorbing the information that he was teaching me until he asked me if I wanted to try something, I said sure. He then grabbed his phone and dialed a random number and told me to ask the person on the phone what movie they would recommend watching. I felt my heart beating twice a fast as I looked right at Earl thinking maybe he was kidding, but it only took a few seconds to realize he was not joking. So I waited as the phone rang praying that no one would pick up the phone and as time went by and the phone continued to ring I thought god had answered my prayers… or so I thought.

An old lady had picked up the phone and in that moment I decided to push the fear aside and I began by introducing myself. The old lady replied and ask how I was doing and at that point I asked her what movie would she recommend. She told me she doesn’t watch movies so I asked if she watches TV and she said she does but she doesn’t watch movies on TV. So I asked her what show could she recommend and she told me she likes “Who wants to be a Millionaire” and “Jeopardy”. My task was completed, I received an answer to my question and I thanked the nice lady for her time and I hung up.

What did I learn:
1) Being put on the spot gives me a huge RUSH!
2) I can speak to anybody it is only fear that stops me.
- Fear plagues us all which has the ability to limit our potential and our success, but Fear can also be a positive because fear simply hightens our senses and is a protective mechanism that lets us know we are alive. However, one needs to condition themselves that the only fear there is, is the fear of not doing.
3) It is only through asking questions will you be able to find out peoples’ needs.
- Asking questions allows you to build a rapport with people by showing interest in them. The more you ask the more you will receive is truly based on the information they share with you. The more you know about people the more they are willing to tell you about their needs providing a window of opportunity.
4) When you find out the needs you can then provide a solution to those needs, which people are more willing to listen to.
- When you build rapport with people and you are able to identify required needs then when you provide a solution ,people listen. This creates opportunity by simply asking and then listening.

This lesson is one everyone can practice and learn from. If I can do it so can you, have fun Phone Calling!!!!

Thank you,

Robert Madzej

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Earl Flormata said...

Haha - you'll have the thank the folks at Stylelife for that training scenario.

Great work Rob - not even fear stands in your way now.