Monday, September 8, 2008

Earl Flormata - No cash? No problem, if you barter

Simplicity is genius. Necessity is the mother of invention... and Barter is the answer to those in need without the cash backing to make ends meet.

An interesting turn of events with the current economic crisis is that with people not having any expendable funds left at the end of the month - they're turning to bartering as the solution to attain the goods or services that they need.

If you're wondering how the Infiniti Point group is using barter to our member's advantage - why not take a look at our Thursday night event? Join us on the meetup site to see when our next set of information nights are.

Average Canadians now have access to an interesting methodology on saving taxes with this 75 year old bartering system. Take a look and you might be surprised as to what you find out.

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Earl Flormata

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