Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Earl Flormata - Regulators Clamp down on Freedom

Although I'm not a member of the FIC - I still keep watch over them as Darren Weeks and Fast Track to Cash Flow have Michael Lathigee as a contributor to their newsletter of which I'm a member of.

It appears as though the regulators are keeping a sharp eye on the Freedom investment club as the links suggest. Their foreclosure system and their other investment opportunities seem to have caught the unwanted attention of the enforcers around these parts.

Although the game really isn't over until it's over - I'm keeping a close eye as I was actually looking into some similar deal flow scenarios to invest my own personal dollars into, so I'm curious to see how things add up in the end. I wish luck to all who have invested thus far, and naturally hope for the best as we prepare for the upcoming scrutiny. It goes to show that you never really can tell which investments will do well except for watching how the trends play themselves out backwards. Kinda makes you wish for one of these doesn't it? (see above picture)

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Earl Flormata

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Anonymous said...

fic is having cash problems and investors are cashing out, having hard time getting their money back. share values are dropping, investors need to get out before its too late. now that there bank accounts have been siezed by the b.c. government expect fic to not be able to pay investors back!! no other way to pay there bills and theyve lost money on the alta real estate they bought. whole executive team has left........ship is sinking!!!