Sunday, October 12, 2008

Earl Flormata - Chasing the Dream

One of the very first things that is spoken about in the book: Think and Grow Rich, is the need to create a burning desire for that which you want most. When chasing our dreams, it is a commitment first to ourselves that solidifies the assuredness that things will come to fruition in the end. 

I want to highlight the story of my sister: Eileen Flormata in this case - and her dream of dancing. She was featured in a 4 minute piece on the show So You Think You Can Dance - Canada.

When she didn't make it in her first audition, she created a plan to travel across Canada to have multiple shots at trying again in order to reach her goal. In the end, well... I'll just leave that to the video to explain:

Good work Leen, your big bro is proud of you for keeping the hope and dream alive.
I'm looking forward to working with Eileen and her audio and DJ'ing skills in the near future.
(which I'm sure you'll see lots of in our Internet marketing campaigns)

Thanks for reading,
Earl Flormata

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