Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Earl Flormata - What I've learned from Yoda - Part III

My Kung Fu Teacher: Adam Chan had me read: Sword of no sword, and The Book of 5 rings to better my understanding of the true nature of martial arts. Learning to attack and learning to apply forward pressure were pivotal points in my life.

Today's reflection on Yoda's wisdom is as follows:

Train yourself to let go... of everything you fear to lose
- Yoda
In the books from Adam - I was taught that the only way to not be cut by the blade is to not fear the blade. The only way to not fear the blade is to welcome to blade. It is only through running towards the battle expecting to be cut that you can avoid being cut. The application of this practice enhances your awareness to the point where you can feel your opponent's blade's position in order to better attack and defend against it.

In terms of running a business, or reaching your dreams, it is only when you let go of the fears that you are able to focus on what it will take to realize your success. Eben Pagan was a guest speaker on Frank Kern's Mass Control series and he talks about committing to a 50 minute session, followed by a 10 minute break, then another 50/10 session, followed by a 30 minute break where you get to eat. This focusing of time and effort allows people to let the fears and the fires go so that you are able to focus on the things that grow your business to be successful instead of just being busy (plus you get to eat!). This practice is also covered in Covey's 7 habits of highly effective people in the quadrant that fits into important but not urgent.

Until your mind is focused on where you want to go, you are living in the past when you worry about the things you are afraid of losing. Only in letting go are you able to save them in the end. So get focused and get moving!

Thanks for Reading,
Earl Flormata

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