Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Randy Stuppard - Anthony Robbins. "Unleash The Power Within"

The weekend of October 17 to October 20 was a weekend like no other.

How many seminars have you attended? How many motivational speakers have you listened to? Too many for me to count hoping to find “that which is needed” to make a difference. Not even knowing what 'that' was presents a bit of a problem.

This event was a little different. This is the first time I've attended a 'live' Anthony Robbins event, thanks to Earl Flormata of iPoint Strategies. I've listened to his tapes (yes, I am that old), read his books, and spoke with many people about his ideas and programs. Some say he's a jerk, an a**hole, but many more say he has changed their lives. I don't much listen to the lemmings and choose to make up my own mind matters of importance.

To say I was unprepared is an understatement. The man is a human dynamo. From 8am to midnight on two of the four days with very small breaks, he was go go go. The energy in the stadium thundered throughout the building. It shook the floor and you could feel the tingly sensation of energy course throughout your body. The last time I felt even close to that was at a rock concert.

There was flashing lights and great music, but this was not just entertainment. Anthony delivered. He delivered BIG. He gave us tools to make changes in our lives. He had us use those tools right there so we could use them now to make real and more importantly, lasting changes. I replaced a few of my limiting beliefs with beliefs that push and support who I want to become.

I drank the koolaid and am now a believer. No, it's not a cult but you may think that by what reading this. Unless you've been there 'live', you can't know.

I have a “bucket list” of what I want to do and become. Firewalking was not on the list, but it's there now with a big check mark. Yes, I walked on red hot coals without being hurt. I would never have believed it, nor would I have done it normally. I am telling you it can be done. I have done some crazy things like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane or rafting the Nile, but this is in the top 10 of crazy.

It has been a few days since the weekend. The energy remains. I have been using the tools and experiencing the new empowering beliefs I have. I work with new vigor and increasing energy on the things that matter.

My bucket list has changed. I have changed and continue to change.

The tradegy of it all is the people who need to go to events like this don't. Their beliefs hold them back from experiencing what life could actually be like. A life where you can have that job, that spouse, that house or vacation. You can have it all.

I suggest suspending those beliefs for just a weekend. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Here's to seeing you at the next one!

Randy Stuppard

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