Saturday, November 1, 2008

Earl Flormata - Where did I come from, and where are we going?

Believe it or not, the words that have driven me to succeed regardless of the odds stacked against me at first were actually the negative ones that others have used to dissuade me from reaching the dreams and goals that I have bled and fought for.

"Who do you think you are?"

"You can't do that."

"Don't quit your job - it's too risky"


These words were given to me by my friends, my family, my co-workers. People that I thought would be supportive, but instead would be negative in my time of need to break through to the next level in my life.

Needless to say if you've known me well these last few years, I didn't let it get in the way. In fact the negativity drove me to step up and prove to myself and the world that it was a fallacy. I was driven by spite, and an urge to prove that I was worth something - and that I was unique. This is where I'd like to thank my mentor Dr. Blair Dunkley for kicking me off the fence in my analysis paralysis and drop kicking my ass into the possibilities that I had the potential to reach. Still, the naysayers were around trying to fill my head with the impossibility and grandness of the task I set ahead of myself.

Funny enough - that's the stepping stone I took to reach my first million. It's a shame that I never really took the time to celebrate that fact. My first million was also a passively earned million that was to continue year upon year.

Then the unbelievers came about and saw that I had created something different, but many were unwilling to make the same efforts, make the same sacrifices, or bleed as much as I did to accomplish what I had done. In fact after I lost my first million, it was then that the same people who had only followed because of my successes went back to their old beliefs of impossibility and disbelief in what was attainable.

Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the
- Robert Heinlein

The words came back from many angles, and though I do not fault them for it - friends, family and others have told me:

"Go back to getting a job"

"Running your own business is too risky"

"You're a family man now, this is no time for risks"

What is reward without risk, but an unchallenged and unearned hollow winning? Isn't that why the average lottery winner loses everything and ends up in an even worse situation than before they had won in the first place? People who wish to take first without giving end up losing in the end.

Luckily enough I had other avenues of earnings that had pulled me through the tough times. Although the end has come closer more times that I'd like to remember. Thank you Allen, Andy and Mark for pulling me through the dark times. Your friendship and support will always be remembered and honoured.


I was humbled and had to rebuild. With a renewed spirit and a new focused team behind me, it's actually accelerated the pace in which I was able to reestablish my previous growth. I still truly believe that 2008 is the year of Infiniti Point. A new beginning, and a new potential to lead others to new levels where the group has stepped up together without want for a handout. With our joint venture partners, our networks, our support groups, and our team - I know that we will succeed, no matter the hardship. Teammates that bleed with me and sacrifice alongside me. I thank you all - you know who you are. And I will enjoy our ride together back to the very top. It's in earning our share, putting in the time and effort, and finally moving as a team that ensures our successes that we've experienced, and enables the successes to come. Chasing the dream, chasing our passion, and touching the Infiniti Point once again - but this time together. I don't feel alone anymore. From the heart, thank you everyone.

With gratefulness and abundance,
Earl Flormata

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